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Kit Out Your Kid

Introducing the ‘Kit Out Your Kid’ Collection

Fact is, it’s always fun when the kids are around! But if you’ve ever needed one more reason to add your kids to the guest list of your next outdoor family plans, say less!

Specially curated for the little ones, the ‘Kit Out Your Kid’ Collection brought to you by our online store is here to make sure you never have an excuse to leave your children behind when you embark on any kind of adventure! Plus, the best time to nurture their love for exploration is in the early stages of their lives.

As the reputable home of marine and motor products, we understand the importance of introducing children to the joys of boating and motorcycling activities at a young age. That’s why we offer a range of child-friendly motorcycles as well as accessories designed to enhance safety, comfort, and fun for the little adventurers so they can bring their imagination to life.

Made with the young beginner in mind, every detail on our kiddies’ motorcycles is meticulously added to meet the needs of a small-bodied rider who’s just starting out. Since safety is of utmost importance when it comes to youngsters, the kids’ collection of motor and marine accessories prioritizes protection by offering an array of specially designed helmets, life jackets, wetsuits, and goggles.

With vibrant colours and playful designs, safety gear becomes an exciting part of the overall experience, encouraging children to embrace safety as a crucial aspect of any thrilling journey.

Shop now and online and make sure you have everything the kids need to tag along with you the next time you hit the outdoors!


Yamaha Distributors SA Launches Full-Service e-Commerce Retails Sites – The First of Their Kind in SA

A great business finds its identity and remains loyal to what it knows itself to be. But an even greater business knows how to maintain its heritage while also adapting to the demands of the changing environment. The latter? That might just be the secret recipe behind how we continue to rev thousands and thousands of hearts at Yamaha Distributors SA!  


We move with the times and we’ve proven it once more! It gives us great pleasure to announce that we’ve launched full-service retail e-commerce sites that will allow our existing and new customers to get their hands on the best of Yamaha and our peripheral brands in an instant. Yes, customers can now purchase all our new and used motor and marine products online - from anywhere, at any time. 


This is an exciting milestone for our business as our sites are the first of their kind in South Africa, further positioning us as a leader in innovation, in our product offerings as well as the way we market ourselves. 


The expanded e-commerce offering is an extension of the initial one which had previously offered a variety of motor and marine accessories and apparel only. Having identified the demand for even more convenient ways of shopping along with the success rate of the original site, the next best thing for us to do was to get with the times and avail all our product categories online for customers to do their shopping with ease. The platform includes all new and used Yamaha and peripheral branded motor and marine products, from bikes and boats all the way to accessories. 


Get clicking…sign up to shop all the Yamaha products on your wish list!  


You can access the online stores by visiting:  

World of Yamaha and Linex Yamaha Launch New E-Commerce Sites for Motorcycle and Marine Accessories

In response to the changes in consumer behaviour due to digitization, Tuning Fork t/a Yamaha SA Distributors has as of 8 December 2021, launched three e-commerce sites for all three company owned retail stores applicable to motorcycle and marine accessories, across a variety of brands. The retailers include Linex Yamaha Lynnwood, Linex Yamaha Randburg and World of Yamaha. This latest venture aims to understand customer purchase requirements and to ensure those customer expectations are delivered upon, with a further intent to exceed these expectations. 


‘Online shopping is a key component of any successful retail business, as it exposes our fantastic range of products to a broader customer base’ – Robin van Rensburg, Managing Director: Tuning Fork (Pty) LTD.


Through collaborating with a reputable technology firm to build the sites, Yamaha’s latest e-commerce platforms are designed to provide the customer with a seamless user journey in terms of ease of purchase of various accessory brands. The state-of-the-art technology allows the customer to make secure payments facilitated by PayGate. At the heart of creating and maintaining an effective e-commerce site is customer-centricity. Therefore, the collection and delivery of products are made convenient through our relationships with top-tier logistics service providers. This additional perk provides the customer with the option to either collect the order in-store or to have orders delivered to their address of choice. With high-resolution images of reputable marine and motor accessory products, customers enjoy the thrill of visually connecting with various accessory brands without leaving the comfort of their homes or other spaces.


The Yamaha SA websites have been long in the making to ensure that we respond innovatively to change and continue to connect with customers at all touchpoints.



Yamaha SA Employee Awarded at NIMXC Prize Giving Ceremony

The Dragon Energy Northern Interprovincial Championship Prize Giving Ceremony took place on the 13th of November 2021 at Emperors Palace. After a 6 round championship taking place monthly at various tracks, the final top 3 were awarded for their outstanding performance.

Yamaha Distributors South Africa extends our congratulations to Linex Yamaha Lynwood’s very own Justin Boniface for grabbing the third-place position at the NIMXC. Yamaha Distributors further takes our hats off to the overall winner of the championship Chad Tyler and second-place runner up Nico van der Linden in the MX3 Vets category.

We caught up with Justin Boniface to give us his thoughts on the race:


  1. What were your experiences during the final and the entire championship? 


Coming into the final race at Smoking Pistons, I was in 3rd place in the championship by a very close 4 points. My two rivals throughout the year tied for 4th place just behind me and I knew I had to train hard in the gym in the two weeks leading up to the final race. This was to make sure that I was in peak condition for a bar-to-bar battle and that’s exactly what happened.

Lining up at the gate for heat 1, I had already decided that this is it, where all the battles throughout the season had lead me to. I had to beat my rival, currently in 4th place in the championship, and thankfully I did. But he did not make it easy on me, I took 3rd place in heat 1.

During heat 2, I started well right out of the gate and started to pass other riders quickly until lap 3, when I went into the back of a slower rider. The rider came to an abrupt stop as I was attempting to pass him which made me tip over and allowed my competitor to get past me. I got up as fast as I could and pushed very hard to catch up but I ran out of time. I finished 4th in heat 2 which then put myself and my competitor in a tie for 3rd on the day. Thankfully I had 4 points coming into this final round which was all I needed to secure my 3rd place for the MX3 Vets Championship


  1. Do you have any other future planned races?

Thankfully no other racing is planned for this year, but I plan on training hard throughout December in order to come in hot for the start of the 2022 season in January on board my new Yamaha YZ450F. Yes, that’s correct I’ve gone the four-stroke route for 2022.


  1. Which Yamaha model were you racing in at the NIMX competition?

This year I raced the 2020 Yamaha YZ250 two-stroke which was an absolute blast and my favourite bike of all time. Light, reliable, quick to maintain and fast!


  1. Do you have any special words to close off the season with?

2021 has been an interesting year for me, changing job roles, studying, and training in the gym almost every day with 211 Training Solutions. Dylan from 211 Training Solutions got me into serious shape for this season. He also got my head in the right championship thinking space.

It does take a team to make all of this happen and I really could not have done this without the support from my friends, family, colleagues, sponsors and my super supportive fiancé Bianca.

What is Yamaha’s bLU cRU?

bLU cRU is a customer support programme designed for the YZ/WR customer range. Apart from Yamaha having an existing customer support programme, bLU cRU is tailored to serve the specific needs of the motocross, enduro and off-road segments. Bearing in mind the Yamaha KANDO ethos, bLU cRU is committed to embracing that which inspires the heart, and spirit and deeply satisfies the soul. 

Setting the programme apart, is the free nationwide membership bLU cRU provides for all Yamaha YZ, WR and FX customers.

All bLU cRU members are allowed to feel like factory racers by reaping the real benefits of the programme, especially during race days and workshop visits.

These benefits include:

  • A virtual membership card
  • A custom-designed bLU cRU Yamaha t-shirt, hoodie and decals
  • Yamalube care pack
  • Discount on spare parts
  • Preferential showroom and workshop support
  • Support at certain motorcycle-related events

Visit your nearest Yamaha dealership to view our wide range of YZ and WR motorbikes.


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